Bright Tangerine Cine Tape Rangefinder Mounting Brackets

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Artikelnummer: B1235.1042 Kategorie:

Upgrade your Misfit Kick top flag brackets with mounting points for the Cine Tape Rangefinder Mount.

Größe 2100 × 2000 × 1600 cm





Bright Tangerine

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The Cine Tape Rangefinder Mounting Brackets attach to the top of the Misfit Kick carbon fibre sunshade and provide mounting points for the B1235.1040 Cine Tape Rangefinder Rail, in addition to supporting the carbon fibre top flag. To install the brackets, simply remove the existing brackets and replace with the new brackets. The brackets are CNC cut from high-grade aluminium, and are then hard anodised for durability. It comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.